Indoor Cycling Adventure Movies

Ride the Rockies - Virtually - Using a Trainer or Indoor Bike.

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Mission of Seek Out Cycling
    • Overcome the boredom of indoor cycling.
    • Prepare cyclists for faster outdoor cycling.
    • Bring some of Colorado's finest cycling to you.
    • Offer these training aids at an unbeatable value!
What is Seek Out Cycling?
  • Seek Out Cycling is a collection of 23 road and mountain biking movies, with new movies added each year. These movies are produced from high definition video of real rides, which are edited into workouts with an effort scale and verbal coaching to guide you to produce the effort of actually riding in Colorado. The topography of the land and group dynamics determine the intensity of your efforts - highly realistic. Seek Out Cycling movies also have a gradual warm up, maps, effort graphs, elevation profiles, and music. Each movie is 60 to 90 minutes in length.

Real Rides on your Indoor Bike

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  • "Really impressed with DVDs - slick/professional. Will certainly buy more !!!"
    eBay customer
  • "Nothing compares to riding on the road- I am so glad I found your company. I have most of your rides and they are the one thing that keep the trainer bearable through the winter..."
    James Wallace
    To aspire to Rule#5 of the Velominati

Explore Colorado's Rocky Mountains.

Effort is based on the lay of the land and group dynamics.

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